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SmarTach and the others ACTIA tachographs

smartachACTIA actively contributed to drafting European regulation 3821/85, « Appendix 1B » and the ISO 16844 standard which govern the tachograph market. ACTIA designed SmarTach, the first digital tachograph to be approved under European regulations.

Drawing on more than ten years' experience in the field,ACTIA is now involved at the heart of workgroups on changes in these regulations. Always at the cutting edge of innovation, ACTIA pursues its aim of giving the benefit of the latest technological developments available by offering the most innovative solutions to make tachographs easier to use and operate.

The success of the ACTIA Easytach remote downloading solution, which has long been fitted to major fleets, demonstrates ACTIA's ability to anticipate all issues related to new equipment.


 Non-EU regulatory solutions:




A digital tachograph for vehicles not subject to European regulations.

Flextach is a fleet management solution for vehicles not subject to European regulations on tachographs such as light vehicles, exempt vehicles, etc... This tachograph is also suitable for countries where local regulations require digital technology (e.g. Brazil).


Paper disk analogue tachograph.

The Firstach electronic tachograph is another benchmark when it comes to safety, reliability and strength. It was developed specially for the commercial vehicles market segment which is looking for effective control systems for fleets, to ensure the security and accuracy of data collected. It is now being sold in many countries where regulations require analogue technology.

 flextach  firstach

Multilingual Systems

ico flagACTIA multilingual systems enable you to download and store data from your tachographs in any European language. Offering in total nearly 30 on-board languages, they also meet the requirements of countries that have signed the European Agreement on International Road Transport conditions, which all now apply the rules on digital tachographs.

International Vision

ico globeOperating in Europe and further afield, ACTIA offers its range of tachographs via an expert international distribution network and approved workshops. While ACTIA listens to its customers to design and offer innovative, competitive products, it also attaches great importance to the quality of its service. ACTIA contributes technical expertise and responsiveness to its network of partners selected for their skills and commitment. Regularly trained, they provide a quality and consistency of service for transport businesses and drivers, no matter where they are.

Expertise & Services

ico usersSpecialists in onboard systems for vehicles for more than 25 years, the ACTIA Group helps vehicle manufacturers and fleet managers to meet the major issues in the freight transport sphere: safety, environment and connectivity. Mobility-related issues require an overall approach to vehicles and support throughout their life cycle, from the design and manufacturing stages through to maintaining them in working order. This is the scope of the systems expertise offered by the ACTIA Group.

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