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DBOX2 V04 00 BD Update your D-BOX2!

The Annex 1C regulations come into force from June 2019


What is changing:

  • New tachographs mandatory on new vehicles only.
  • New cards in case of renewal or acquisition.



To ensure compatibility with these new equipment, the D-BOX2 ACTIA is evolving. There are two possibilities:

  • You own a D-BOX2 V03.00* or above?
    >>>> Contact your distributor to update!
  • You own a D-BOX2 less than V03.00* or you do not have a D-BOX2?
    >>>> Benefit from a special offer! Contact your distributor.



The D-BOX2 V04.00 remains compatible with all digital tachographs and combines tachograph and card unloading in stand-alone mode thanks to its integrated card reader. It also remains compatible with all archiving and analysis software.


* Check the version of your D-BOX2 by turning on the unit.


DBOX2 V04 00 BD 

Multilingual Systems

ico flagACTIA multilingual systems enable you to download and store data from your tachographs in any European language. Offering in total nearly 30 on-board languages, they also meet the requirements of countries that have signed the European Agreement on International Road Transport conditions, which all now apply the rules on digital tachographs.

International Vision

ico globeOperating in Europe and further afield, ACTIA offers its range of tachographs via an expert international distribution network and approved workshops. While ACTIA listens to its customers to design and offer innovative, competitive products, it also attaches great importance to the quality of its service. ACTIA contributes technical expertise and responsiveness to its network of partners selected for their skills and commitment. Regularly trained, they provide a quality and consistency of service for transport businesses and drivers, no matter where they are.

Expertise & Services

ico usersSpecialists in onboard systems for vehicles for more than 25 years, the ACTIA Group helps vehicle manufacturers and fleet managers to meet the major issues in the freight transport sphere: safety, environment and connectivity. Mobility-related issues require an overall approach to vehicles and support throughout their life cycle, from the design and manufacturing stages through to maintaining them in working order. This is the scope of the systems expertise offered by the ACTIA Group.

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